Our Experienced Staff

Mercury Service has a professional team of individuals. Many who have been with us for over 15 years! Our Corporate Office is located at Dayton, Ohio. The Staff at this location is responsible for accounting, billing, payroll, human resources, customer support center, customer service, and communications. In addition, Mercury Service has Field Operations members whose responsibility it is to ensure that all routes run efficiently and effectively.

Mercury Service utilizes both Employees and Independent Contractors who solidify the support to our Clients and their Customers.


An employee of Mercury Service for 5 years. Kimberly has served in various capacities from Date Entry to Dispatch to Payroll. Kimberly graduated from Wright State University in April 2016, with a B.S. in Management and Human Resources. Her goals include earning a Mastera’s degree in Positive Organization Development. She looks forward to working with people at all levels and skills to enable them to reach their highest potential.

Fun Fact: Kimberly has over 40 cousins and loves spending time with her extended family and friends.



Mary has been employed at Mercury Service for 9 years. Mary has an Associate Degree in Accounting from Sinclair Community College. Mary has held the positions of Payroll, Billing, Human Resources, A/P, A/R over her tenure at Mercury Service.
“I work hard to maintain company goodwill to all Customers and Vendors.”


Night Dispatch/Southern Ohio Route Supervisor

Lloyd has worked with Mercury Service for 9 years. Lloyd served in the U.S. Army and is retired from Airco Gas. Lloyd is in charge of the Night Team of Mercury Drivers.
We all have great loyalty to our Clients, Customers, Drivers and Staff.



Human Resources/Accounts Receivable/Dispatch

Marilyn has worked for Mercury Service for 19 years. Originally from Mercer County, Ohio, Marilyn graduated from Marion Local High School in Maria Stein.
I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and we all feel like family.”



Northern Ohio Route Supervisor

John has been with Mercury Service over 12 years. His background was in remodeling contracting. Asked to help with back up driving he fell in love with the challenges that a delivery driver faces on a daily basis.
I have great pride in working with a group of drivers who, no matter what the adverse weather conditions, know that there is a grandmother, a child or a businessman who is waiting for their finished product to be delivered.


Assistant to Operations Manager

Molly has been with Mercury Service since 2015. Her background in the automotive industry is in logistics, quality control, and manufacturing. Molly has a degree in Engineering.
The challenges of my job always keep me interested.


Central Ohio Route Supervisor

John has been with Mercury Service for 5 years. He has held the position of Maintenance Supervisor and worked for Landplans Realty for 13 years. John is responsible for training, back up, accuracy, and efficiency of routes.
This has been a rewarding experience for me. I have involvement with all levels of management. It’s a great place to work.


Billing Manager

Karin has been with Mercury Service for 2 years. Karin graduated from Wright State University with a B.S. in accounting. She comes to Mercury Service after working at Fred P. Kreuzer, CPA & Associates where she serviced individuals and small businesses, both corporations and partnerships.
I am very happy to be working for a company who cares about each and every one of its customers, whether large or small.



An employee of Mercury Service for 3 years, Joanne is originally from Canada. She has been the Bookkeeper for McIntyre Glass for over 20 years.
All of us work together to help each other solve problems and to provide the important Customer Care so needed in this field.


Accounting Manager

Barbara Murray has 30 years of experience in Bookkeeping. In 1996 Mercury Service needed help to implement a new accounting system and she came aboard to assist in the migration, only part time. The partnership continued and ultimately, she became Accounting Manager.
This is a great arrangement which allows me to use my skills and yet have time with my family.


Sales Representative

Becky has over 27 years in transportation and logistics experience with most of her background in courier work. During her years in the transportation industry she has held positions in Human Resources, Training and Development, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Business Development and Account Management. Beckya’s experience includes courier systems, LTL, and truckload. With her depth of knowledge in transportation she is better able to understand a Clienta’s shipping needs from their internal process to getting their product into the hands of their customers. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BSBA, majoring in Business Management and Human Resources.


Vice President

Growing up with both parents in the transportation industry, Michael had to learn a lot on his feet. Never a boring moment, with phones ringing both night and day.
Michael graduated from the College of Pharmacy at University of Cincinnati. He has had a career in pharmacy with many corporations including Super X, Walgreen’s, and Meijers. While at the same time contributing to Mercury Service.
While at U.C. Michael was an Honor Society member, Vice President and President of the Caving Club and a member of the Karate Club.


General Manager

This year Mike will complete 5 years working at Mercury Service. Mike’s career has been in the logistics business, including delivery of fine furniture and supply chain of many other products. He has previously managed both warehouses and crews of delivery drivers. His diverse experience enables him to explore new services with creativity.
“The dedication of all of our Staff and qualified Drivers makes the challenges and the pace of the delivery process as stress free as possible for all concerned.”


President, CEO

After a successful career in the Dance World Judith purchased a very small delivery company, Mercury Service July 1980. Starting with family owned optical and dental laboratories there were seven routes in and around Dayton, Ohio. Employing strengths in Sales, Human Resources and creativity Mercury Service made strides and developed a courier system of service with routing in five states. Growing with many diverse Clients who had the same desire: delivery out to our Customer as quickly as possible.
With the support of the Staff and Drivers and, especially with the loyalty of the very valued Clients of Mercury Service, this business continues to expand its coverage territory and to keep its motto strong:


Reaching one of our friendly, experienced customer service representatives is easy! Our phones are answered by a real person Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM.

Email: contact@mercuryservice.com

Phone: 1-800-527-2187